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Bouguessa luxury abayas embody the perfect balance of classic and contemporary styles all rolled into one. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and global culture, BOUGUESSA combines straight-lined designs with elegant sophistication; a refined statement that beautifies women and glorifies their personality. A combination of high quality fibers and elaborate craftsmanship—each design exudes a spirit of true lightness creating a new and fresh identity of the Abaya. Faiza Bouguessa is a French-Algerian designer whose commitment to becoming an innovator in the world of fashion all started with a sketchbook, a pencil, and an eye for art and fashion at a very young age. The combination of her raw talent, hard work, and dedication sets the stage for Bouguessa’s cutting-edge Abaya Label, ultimately turning her vision into reality: Redefining the rules of Abaya fashion while preserving its integrity.


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