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Emporio Armani is the pioneering line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981, aimed at the young. The name suggests its revolutionary character, as the term Emporio (Emporium) suggests a type of democratic fashion. Even the communication strategy for Emporio has always been unusual and groundbreaking: for many years there was an inspirational large-format magazine for the brand, and there is an enormous, seasonally renewed mural in the centre of Milan promoting the latest collection – a giant billboard which led the way for fashion houses to adopt this kind of on-street promotion. From the start, Emporio Armani was a fashion phenomenon, and the logo, with its characteristic eagle, has become a symbol of belonging for its many young fans around the world. Over the years the collection has evolved and grown and today Emporio Armani is very much its own line evoking a dynamic and uninhibited spirit. There are recurrent features such as casual style and aesthetic elegance, which are reworked season after season using a lively, metropolitan language through the Armani shoes and bags. Emporio Armani bags radiate a timeless elegance that can be worn season after season. Emporio Armani expresses vitality and a carefree attitude, and possesses a particular allure and a special graciousness.


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