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At a young age of 24, Jil Sander set out to give her spin on design to the fashion industry, opening her first store in Hamburg, Germany in 1968, selling her own designs alongside major French labels. Quickly developing a reputation for perfectionism, Jil Sander became known for needing to control the minutiae of her company. This perfectionism is said to account for the luxury designer being one of the most successful out of Germany. Founded in 1973, the high-end luxury brand that is Jil Sander, is the epitome of modernity and sophistication. The brand's elegance and purity took centre stage in the 1990's when minimalistic designs and shapes were introduced to the world of fashion and design. Jil Sander's designer clothing has sculpted silhouettes that are both sleek and sophisticated - perfect wardrobe essentials. For go-to contemporary style, invest in the designer's dresses, tops, pants, skirts. Following a five year break from creatively directing the brand, Jil Sander returned to the helm of the label in February of 2012, again churning out the mastered basics that she began with, staying true to the brand's intriguing cuts and experimental fabrics.


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